AZ Gallery: Fire & Ice, A Winter Carnival Art Show, Jan 11-Feb 18, 2018


I have three pieces in the AZ Gallery Fire & Ice, A Winter Carnival Art Show. It runs from January 11 - February 18, 2018. The gallery is located in Lowertown St Paul, Minnesota. The show features art by a variety of local Minnesota artists and coincides with the St Paul Winter Carnival at the state capital.

It's a Frank Zappa Christmas


My Dad is a huge Frank Zappa fan. Loves Frank Zappa! He has every album, cd, movie, poster, flyer, etc. I made him this Frank Zappa piece for Christmas this year. He has it hung up in his shop along with his other Zappa items.

Vintage printed ephemera collection


Some photos of my vintage printed ephemera collection. I collect almost anything and everything that is visually interesting to me. I look for old type, weird illustrations, one color printing on colored stock, etc. Hope you enjoy. Thanks!

Vintage skateboard stickers for sale


I'm selling some of my duplicates from my vintage skateboard sticker collection. There are over 400+ stickers posted on eBay right now. Skate companies - 101, Airbourne, Birdhouse, Blind, Blockhead, Element, Gordon & Smith, Grind King, Gullwing, H-Street, Hessen Mob, Independent, Plan B, Powell Peralta, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica Airlines, Schmitt Stix, Spitfire, The New Deal, Thrasher, Thunder, Toxic, Toy Machine, Tracker, Vans, Vision, World Industries, Zorlac, etc.

Bauen+Wohnen Magazine Collection

I recently found 20 more issues of Bauen+Wohnen magazine to add to my collection. I now have a total of 33 issues. Bauen+Wohnen was designed by Richard Paul Lohse from 1947-1956. I love the use of the exposed grid, overlayed images, and limited color palette. Timeless Swiss design!

My Top Tens by The Designer Republic

I received my signed copy of My Top Tens by The Designers Republic today. The book was shipped in the OG mailers from back in the day when The Peoples Bureau was up and running. It looks like an interesting book! A huge collection of top ten lists from designers around the world. Go to to pick up a copy.

Mike Cina in the house

My old buddy, Mr. Mike Cina came over to work on a project and utilize the beauty of the black & white photocopier grit. Making copies, of copies, of copies to get a nice texture. Reminded me of the good ol' days of Test Pilot Collective when Mike, Matt and I would get together after work and crank out fonts and firstpages for TPC.

The Uptown Art Fair

I went to check out the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis, MN today. It was a little rainy but cleared up later in the day. I haven't been to the art fair in several years. There was a good variety of artwork, pottery, jewelry, food, beer, etc. Here are some of my favorites that I saw today.

Setting up new work space

After a long hiatus, I have set up a little work space at home to create some new artwork. I set up a couple tables, bought some cradled wood panels and started going through my huge collection of old books, magazines, maps, and ledgers. Here are some photos of the new setup.